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by Rebecca

While at work today, as I was getting ready to leave, Marilyn (another mom with whom I work and share a nanny) came and told me that our nanny had called to say McKenna had been crying for two hours. I rushed over to M's house to McKenna. By the time I got there, she wasn't crying any more, but she was obviously very happy to see me. As I held her, she squirmed about some, and grabbed at her right ear. The nanny told me that she'd been doing that a lot today, and that she thought McKenna had an earache. I sniffed her ear (because often you can smell an ear infection), and felt her for a fever. She had no smell to her ears, and no fever. The nanny verified the no fever, as she'd just taken Mac's temperature a few minutes before I'd arrived. Then, I had a feeling like I should check her gums.

Sure enough, there was a spiky part on her lower gum, just right of center. Her very first tooth had cut through. That's why she was crying like she was in pain.

:) :) :)

I brought her home and snuggled her up, and gave her some Hylands teething drops. She snoozed for a while, and has been really cuddly all afternoon. I hope the pain is gone for her, now that the tooth is through.
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