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EC beginnings, first sickness

by Rebecca

On Saturday, Troy, McKenna and I went to a reunion day with our midwives and their clients. While there, we met a couple of EC parents. I sat with them for a long time, and asked them lots of questions about EC. One set of parents had used EC since birth, while the other set started at one month. They both raved about it. I watched them use EC while they were there, and neither of their kids wore diapers except to travel to and from places and occasionally at stores or places where they couldn't get to a potty quickly.

After speaking with them for a while, Troy and I decided to give it a try. Originally, we had intended to use only cloth diapers with McKenna, but that idea slipped as all the new stuff that comes with being a parent began to happen.

We came home Saturday evening, and began using EC. We had no idea what McKenna's pre-pooping or peeing signs were. The advice we were given was that we should leave her naked so we could watch for the signs. We did that for a while, and watched her like hawks. We had a couple successful pees in the bathroom sink. We had a couple misses, and ended up with damp legs or towels.

Sunday, we had a whole bunch of misses, including two giant poop diapers. You basically HAVE to use cloth when doing the EC thing, if you aren't going to have the baby naked all the time. That way, she can react quickly to the wetness or poop, because she can actually *feel* it (unlike with disposables, which wicks away the wetness quickly), and because YOU can feel it quickly too.

I had never really dealt with a real poopy cloth diaper. Yuck. I understand now why I didn't readily switch to cloth. It's just so much easier to toss the pile of poop mess than to scrape, rinse and wash the cloth diapers.

It looks like I'll be doing a load of cloth laundry daily for a while, until we get the EC thing down. We've had a couple hits today and many misses. Hopefully as time progresses, the hits will increase quickly. I will admit it's quite frustrating right now, because I end up getting peed on a lot. I am going through as many clothes as she is diapers.


McKenna has her first cold. She's been sneezing for a couple of days, and definitely has a snotty nose. We've been sucking out her nose with the mechanical nose sucker thing, probably 5-6 times a day. She has no fever, but she's started pulling at her right ear. I read online last night that this could be related to teething. I'm going to keep an eye on her over the next day or two to see what happens. I am also going to try the breastmilk in the ear thing.
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