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EC update, diapering, sleeping habits

by Rebecca


Today, I feel pretty successful as far as EC is concerned. I think we probably had nearly 50% catches. I'm 1/1 with poop catches for the day. I feel pretty okay with the idea of still using some disposables with her, because, I'm checking them all the time, and changing her at the first sign of pee, just like I would with a cloth diaper. I am still a little lazy sometimes, like when I want a nap. I do get a little tired of running her to the little BB (Baby Bjorn) potty all the time. Since I don't know her signs yet, I take her based on when an adult might need to go: upon waking in the morning, after a nap, after eating, and then periodically during the day. She seems to have begun to make some noises for a while before peeing, although I'm not *positive* it's a sign or if it's just that she's in kind of a noisy phase. She does seem to be holding it more often until she can get to the potty. Troy changed her this morning before going to work, and then she was dry all the way until we left for lunch at 11:15. She stayed dry while finishing sleeping, and then I had a couple catches before we left. I was so proud to tell him she was in the same diaper he'd put on her that morning.

Of course, in the car and over lunch she peed, but that's okay. I didn't potty her during that time at all.

We definitely still have the thing where I'll potty her for a few minutes and she will either go or she won't, but then just minutes later, she'll pee in the diaper. I don't know if that's just timing, or what. Regardless, we're doing quite well to just have been doing this for a week.


I just bought 24 used fitted cloth diapers for my diaper stash. They're mediums, and I am hoping that with the addition of these, and then with the purchase of a couple medium-sized covers, we'll go cloth full-time, finally. I try to keep her in cloth a lot while I'm here, but I keep getting peed on, and that gets annoying. I'm doing at least one load of just diapers per day still, not counting today. Today doesn't count, as she was in disposables all day, and we were out of the house for a long time. Anyway, I'm pleased about the cloth, and I think it's the right choice. I'm pleased that we aren't spending a giant amount of money on this, and that everything I just bought, I can loan to Sarah if she needs them, or to Issa when she does.


Troy and I decided to let McKenna make her own schedules, if she was going to do so. She seems to prefer to be asleep by around 10 or 10:30. The later it gets after that, the less happy she is. Her little eyes get droopy and kind of sad looking. So, I try to shoot to have her at least some place where I can nurse her and hold her so she can sleep by that time. If she gets woken up after that, that's less good too, because sometimes she wakes up and decides it is play time, and it can be a little hard to get her to settle down again. Not too hard, that sounds much harder than it really is. The kid is amazing when it comes to night time sleep. Mostly all it takes is putting her in the bed and nursing her, and she's out. Tonight is the first time I've really done that and left her in there while I'm up typing. I may be doing that a bit more once I'm working, although I have to remember to sleep sometimes too, and I so love sleeping next to my sweet, dreaming kidlet.

McKenna currently doesn't take very long naps during the day. Usually if she does nap, it's for an hour or less. That's not so much on a schedule, although more often than not, the nap happens in the late afternoon, around 4 or 5. She usually sleeps until 10 or 11 in the morning, but if she doesn't, she often naps after she's been up and nursed. Those naps are really short.
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