Rebecca (darthbecca) wrote in mckenna_moments,

sitting up, tongue chewing, EC, pets, baby wearing

by Rebecca.

McKenna has been sitting up next to me for several minutes. She is leaning on my leg just a little bit, but when she falls backwards, she sets herself back up with no help from me. She's not falling forward at all!

She has begun chewing a lot. It looks like she's chewing her tongue, but I think maybe she's hitting her gums together or something. Still no teeth.

EC has been going really well. I've only had one poop diaper that I've missed in the past 10 days or so. Troy's only had one also, so we're doing really well with the poop. We're still learning about the pee. I'd say we're 30-50% on that every day.

McKenna has been taking a real interest in the animals in the house. She absolutely squeals for the dog (Thistle), and has a great time grabbing at the cats' fur and pulling. The cats are *mostly* patient.

She has really been enjoying outward facing baby wearing. I do still put her inward-facing sometimes though, as she tends to be a bit more settled that way. I think it's probably a little more comfortable.

As for me- I may be on the verge of some mastitis in my right breast. I have shooting pains when she nurses. :(
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